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The time is now for consumers, parts distributors, installers, and car manufacturers to switch to copper free brake pads. California and Washington passed legislation in 2010 that will effectively ban the use of copper in brake pads by 2025. With numerous other states following suit, copper free pads will make other pads obsolete—lowering their production and sales.


Also, brake pads manufactured after January 1, 2015 must not contain asbestos, chromium, cadmium, mercury, or lead.


Performance Friction is already ahead of the movement, having released copper free pads through major automakers since 2006, and are readily available for OE production. Without sacrificing brake pad quality, Performance Friction pads are the most eco-friendly on the market and contain no harmful substances.


Installers and consumers should know that environmental scientists have recognized brake pads containing copper as a threat to our water systems and aquatic life. Major steps are being taken by environmentalists and state lawmakers to ban the use of copper in brake pads. Also, the law does not hold the manufacturer responsible.


The installers are liable for any copper ceramic inventory—not the manufacturer.


In 2015, information based on brake manufacturers and their products will be held to attain information on those who already have copper free and environmentally safe brake pads. From there, they will determine whether or not to make the legislation dates come into effect sooner. Manufacturers will also have marked boxes by certification of what type of materials are in their pads, and what legislations they meet. If certain manufacturers do not meet these regulations, their pads will not be sold in state.


Copper legislation is being proposed in New York, Rhode Island, and Oregon. Performance Friction Carbon Metallic® Brake Pads do not contain any harmful substances and meet all copper legislation regulations.


In addition to meeting all copper legislation regulations, Carbon Metallic® brake pads contain:

• No Antimony
• No Asbestos
• No Lead
• No Cadmium
• No Chromium
• No Potassium Titanate


For installers ready to make the switch, Performance Friction offers brake pads for hundreds of domestic and import models that stop quieter, stop quicker, and last longer than anything else on the market.


PFC is also the top choice in motorsports, winning more championships than all other brake manufacturers. PFC brakes are specified on more fleets nationwide including 40,000 police cars in North America. From NASCAR to emergency response vehicles, Performance Friction's mission is to deliver the absolute best brakes on the market without the use of harmful substances. All of Performance Friction’s Brake Pads are copper free and are available nationwide at retailers such as Bluebird, Navistar, O’Reilly’s and Freightliner.


In March 2010, the Washington State has approved the Senate Bill 6557, Brake Friction Material- Restrictions on Use, which was effective on June 10, 2010 with a goal to restrict the use of Copper:
i). Absolutely no asbestos, chromium, mercury, cadmium, or lead by January 1, 2015

ii.) Less than 5 wt% of Cu by January 1, 2021

iii). Less than 0.5 wt% of Cu by January 1, 2023

In September 2010, the California State adopted the Senate Bill 346, Hazardous materials: motor vehicle brake friction materials, to monitor and control the amount of Copper in brake friction materials:
i). Less than 5 wt% of Cu by January 1, 2021

ii). Less than 0.5 wt% of Cu by January 1, 2025