PF's full brake upgrade kit is equipped with PF’s V2 rotors, Z-Rated Calipers and Z-Rated pads. PF’s V2 rotor technology is a 2-piece full floating rotor design that interlocks, eliminating excess hardware which results in reduced weight and easier assembly.  The 362mm front upgrade rotors 330mm rear upgrade rotors are machined to the tightest tolerances in the world resulting in zero vibration, improved braking control, and 5x longer disc life.
PF’s STI front upgrade features a 4-piston forged monoblock caliper equipped with four pads—one individual pad per piston. This multi-pad design creates a more even pressure distribution on the pad under braking as well as more even pad wear and less taper than a traditional 2-pad design.
The rear STI upgrade is outfitted with a 2-piston caliper. This super-stiff and lightweight 2-pot has two large pistons whose overall piston area is actually greater most 4-piston calipers. PF’s calipers are by far the stiffest and lightest calipers on the market. Each caliper is FEA shape optimized to reduced weight and improved stiffness. Because the Z-Rated calipers are super-stiff they have the lowest drag. PF’s patented Zero Drag technology provides quicker actuation and release. 0.2 seconds quicker per lap or your money back!
The kit also includes PF’s renowned brake pads. PF pads win more championships and are used by more professional racers than all other pads combined. PF’s pads deliver more stopping power, bite, and better modulation with zero fade. PF big brake upgrades optimize the stopping power of each pad by isolating one pad to each piston, creating a firmer and more consistent pedal, zero vibration, and smoother release.
PFC applies championship-winning race technology to the design and manufacturing of each component to give you a high-performance brake system that is track-worthy. The result is a stiffer, more responsive, and quicker modulating system that not only provides better drivability and handling, but also improved ABS response. With this superbly engineered big brake kit, drivers will experience more stopping power, longer pad life, longer disc life and quieter operation.
PF’s Big brake kits are available in custom colors so STI owners can customize their brake kit fit their style.
You can find this product available with these two part numbers. 

Front – 1444.0001
Rear - 1445.0001

2008 >
Front - 1446.0001
Rear - 1447.0001

Not available