Military Brake Pads

Performance under pressure. 
Performance Friction’s brake system technology provides unique solutions for modern tactical military wheeled vehicles. PFC has provided OEM pads for the HMMWV as well as engineered a disk brake system for numerous other armored vehicles. 

Military applications require high flexibility in friction material selection because of the wide range of performance requirements. PFC’s innovative use of materials, advanced process technology, and patented Zero Drag technology, delivers unrivaled braking performance with high reliability. 

For applications ranging from motorcycles and light reconnaissance vehicles to tactical vehicles such as the HMMWV, JLTV, M-ATV, and heavier, the best solution is Performance Friction.
No other company has the ability to provide lightweight, high performance brake systems for these vehicles while maintaining OEM TS-16949 quality standards. And all products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. 

Over 5,000 friction materials have been developed and tested at PFC USA. Carbon Metallic® brake pads have passed certification tests on applications ranging from >600,000 pound haul trucks to motorcycles. PFC’s Carbon Metallic® pads dominate the entire brake industry on performance. PFC brake systems reduce weight, improve braking performance, and use Zero Drag technology to improve fuel economy vs. other competitive offerings.

    -  Specifically designed to stop the vehicle 
    -  Hold the vehicle at a 60% grade 
    -  Ultimate Durability for Extended Pad Life 
    -  Unsurpassed Rotor Life 
    -  Longer Maintenance Cycles 
    -  Lower Cost per Mile

    -  More than 5000 friction materials developed and tested—High torque output
        and low wear 
    -  Friction material developed in-house—PFC delivers the whole package for
        better system understanding and performance

    -  TS 16949 Certified 
    -  OE Production Materials for: 
    -  OE Truck Market 
    -  Off-Highway Truck Market 
    -  Race Market 
    -  Police and Armored Vehicle Markets