Stop Disc Corrosion

Patented Zero Failure Disc with Isolated Precision Tone Ring
Eliminates ABS failure caused by corrosion of tone ring
Lasts 4 times as long as the cast in tone ring
Extended service life
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Cost per mile savings


The abs signal and corrosion test

Tone ring passes abs signal test still passes after 210 cycles
45 cycles of corrosion test cast-in tone ring loses abs signal

Precision ring versus cast in tone ring resists corrosion which is isolated from any thermal disc distortion while the cast in tone ring distorts with temperature.
Nickel coating increases the life of the tone ring

Separate tone ring
Cooler temperatures (300 F cooler than cast-in teeth) reduce corrosion
Special coatings further prolong tone ring life
Optimized disc casting and better machining reduce thermal stresses

Isolating the tone ring from the disc reduces temperature
Isolated abs ring
Cooler abs ring à cooler abs sensor
Temperature lowered by 300 degrees F
Protects abs sensor from heat exhaustion