Fleet Calipers

PFC’s passion for innovation and our commitment to the customer has enabled PFC to develop a unique ZERO DRAGTM solution that delivers unrivaled benefits for fleets worldwide. 

While others strive to meet the industry standard for stopping or wear life, PFC’s design criteria SETS a NEW STANDARD for Safe Stopping, Consistent Stopping, Pad Life, Rotor Life, Noise Characteristics and Value. The ZERO DRAGTM brake system ultimately increases total vehicle performance. 

   Improved Power Efficiency
   Improved Fuel Consumption
   Improved Vehicle Dynamics
   Improved Component Life
   Improved Noise and Vibration 

PFC’s ZERO DRAGTM technology extends Pad and disc life while providing a fuel savings with an ROI of less than one year. The ZERO DRAGTM caliper system uses patented pad retraction technology to optimize total distortion of the brake components without sacrificing pedal travel and brake responsiveness. 

Performance Friction sets a higher standard in Fleet Brakes, one with an ROI that provides the Best Product to the Fleet for Free.

Fixed Multi-pad Design for Zero Drag and More Consistent Pad Wear
Zero Drag Pad Retraction
Minimal Taper Wear
Ultimate Rigidity
Cooler Running Temperatures
Low Hysteresis
Reduced Noise and Vibration
Lower Cost per Mile
High ROI for Fleets
Better Fuel Mileage
Longer Maintenance Cycles
Reduced Maintenance Costs