Fleet Brake Pads

“Excite the customer by exceeding their expectations with the absolute best product and value…” 
     -  Performance Friction mission 

Carbon Metallic® pads are world-renowned by top fleets for the stopping power, safety, extended pad and rotor life, and corrosion resistance. 

Performance Friction sets a higher standard in Fleet Brakes, one with an ROI that gives the Fleet the Best Product Free

Our objective is to create a product with a value return that is multiple times greater than the product cost. 

National fleets have realized up to a 6:1 cost savings in the first year of service. Data-proven results come from testing with fleets such as: 
          Fed Ex 
          First Student

The invaluable input for product design that fleets have provided over the years allows us to offer a fleet-specific mileage guarantee unparalleled in the market.