Fleet Rotors

“Excite the customer by exceeding their expectations with the absolute best product and value…” 
     -     Performance Friction mission 

Performance Friction prides itself on manufacturing discs that provide significantly superior benefits and value to customers. Although the initial cost of our disc is higher than the global commodities, the performance benefits of Performance Friction’s disc reduces the costs to ZERO with their unrivaled return on investment. 

PFC Rotors are the only rotors that offer ZEROFAILURES™—for improved fuel mileage and pad life.
     Improved fuel mileage and pad life 
     Fleet-Specific Mileage guarantee 
     Extended service life 
     Cost per mile savings 

Setting the industry standard: 
     1.  Two (2) times the life of any other disc tested  
     2.  Patented Precision Corrosion Resistant ABS tone rings 
     3.  Lowest Runout 
     4.  Lowest Coning 
     5.  Lowest Thermal Distortion 

To accomplish we have radically improved the design and implemented a proven patented process engineering system. Each disc is 100% measured and inspected to meet Performance Friction’s strict tolerance specifications.

Improved fuel mileage and pad life
Fleet-Specific Mileage guarantee
Extended service life
Cost per mile savings
Better Product Performance 


  • Lowest Runout
  • Lowest Coning
  • Lowest Thermal distortion
  • Significantly reduced vibration
  • Improved High Temperature Strength
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Precision corrosion resistant ABS tone rings.
  • Noise Damping
  • Cooler operating temperatures