Race Discs

Performance Friction’s discs are recognized worldwide as the absolute best discs available and have won hundreds of championships around the world. PFC delivers quality and consistency you can bet your race on.
The SECRET is in the PROCESS.
PFC believes in process capability.
It does not matter how good the driver is, they are not going to win the Indy 500 in a pinto. PFC has the best equipment in the world, specifically designed for the tightest tolerance disc machining in the world. 
The FOCUS is on the DETAILS.
There is a tactical focus on the details that influence the braking event to create the ultimate braking experience. It’s not just about making a disc that fits. It’s about improving the drivability of the car. It’s about making the car Quicker.
The TRUTH is in the DATA.
PFC Race discs are most dominant on cars with data acquisition. The time it takes to prove someone is lying about their product: 2 laps. Results that are real-time and undeniable prove that PFC is Quicker.


More Bite
Better Release Control
More Stopping Power
Increased Pedal Response
Increased Corner Speed
Zero Drag
Zero Vibration - By eliminating vibration and drag the disc reduces the extraneous forces into the tire increasing the available grip.
Lowest Running Temperatures
Minimized Thermal Cracking
Reduced Thermal Distortion - PFC’s patented and trademarked slot patterns improve bite and are run cooler. Disc Temperature is reduced by the effective release of hot wear debris. The key here is PFC’s Finite element to assure the lowest thermal distortion.