Off Highway Brake Pads

PFC was the first to develop an asbestos-free solution that stopped a 690,000 pound haul truck at 35mph.

Off- Highway disc pads were the first pads in production for PFC. It’s where we started. Industrial friction and the vast variety of applications from lawn mowers to Haul trucks was the cornerstone of PFC’s friction development. 
         -  Bonded Friction for Air clutches
         -  Non-Asbestos Friction for Industrial clutches 
         -  Non-Asbestos Friction for Wheeled loader disc pads
         -  Non-Asbestos Friction for Haul Truck disc pads
         -  Non-Asbestos Friction for Gear tooth facings

“Of all the memories I have throughout my career, the one day I enjoyed the most was being the first to pass the Canadian Certification on a 632,000 pound Haul truck in British Columbia. It was an engineering mile stone for the industry and the company. The technology we developed kick-started the development our racing technology and our over the road truck technology.”  Don Burgoon President

Nobody thought that Performance Friction, a small company at the time, could engineer a brake pad that outperformed Goodyear Aerospace (industrial brake) and B. F. Goodrich Aerospace (industrial brake). To pass the Canadian Certification with a non-asbestos solution would be a total engineering breakthrough for the industry. To get the test done, we offered Highland Valley Cooper Mine a deal.
 1. PFC had to cover the entire cost of the test if we didn’t pass the test. If we did pass, it was free.
     (now, taking a haul truck out of service for a few days cost real money)
 2. PFC pads had to double the life of the current asbestos pads or we would have to give them a year’s worth of free pads.

PFC passed the test and got paid for the pads. What a deal. The look on their faces, Priceless.
Needless to say we enjoy this business. Our technology has evolved over the years through intense development and commitment to PFC’s mission to make the absolute best product.

The offer still stands. Call us. 1 800 521 8874.
Improve your equipment’s braking capability and reduce your down time.